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Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Helping patients achieve the targeted outcomes and goals of their individual medication therapy regiments, Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a partnership between the pharmacist, the patient (or their caregiver), and other health professionals who promote the safe and effective use of medications. New Britain Pharmacy’s MTM program includes the analytical, consultative, educational, training, and monitoring services provided by our pharmacists to help our clients and patients obtain the best results from their medications. Through enhancing the patient’s understanding of medication therapy, increasing patient adherence to medications, controlling costs, and preventing drug complications, New Britain Pharmacy is able to ensure that each patient receives the maximum benefit from his or her personalized medications. Of course, the success of the MTM program will vary greatly depending on the devotion and participation of the patient and pharmacists, but it is our goal to provide the maximum opportunity for medication therapy success.

There are many disease, illnesses, and disadvantaged living states that can be improved by MTM, including, but not limited to Diabetes, Asthma, chronic pain and illness, and Elderly Care.

Our pharmacist will initially provide medication therapy management services by reviewing a list of medications the patient have previously been prescribed. Our pharmacist then check for past drug interactions, complications, duplications of drugs from the same family, doses, routes of administration, and dosage formulation (size, strength, type, etc). This review will also include evaluating medication habits to see where we may be able to optimize the benefit the patient receives.

New Briatin Pharmacy in New Britain, CT prides ourselves on our loyalty and dedication to the patient. Our Medication Therapy Management services are in place to ensure that each patient has the best opportunity for long term success. Contact us today via phone or contact form to speak directly to our pharmacist about our MTM services.

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